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What is DeliverAmerica©

DeliverAmerica is a platform developed out of the vision of revolutionary leaders Robert & Dixie Summers to go across the country and liberate people from debilitating and dysfunctional lifestyles that keep them from operating in life at maximum capacity. 


DeliverAmerica events are powerful and life changing. These events are not religious gatherings, nor are they patterned after traditional church services. Rather, they are equipping colloquiums designed to educate, demonstrate and emancipate individuals of all races, genders and backgrounds. 


The DeliverAmerica© platform is established on:


•    Preaching – (the Kingdom of God)

•    Educating – (eradication of religious, traditional and racist mindsets)

•    Empowering – (providing tools for development)

•    Executing – (removing demonic strongholds)


DeliverAmerica meetings typically begin on a Friday night. During this session the preaching of Kingdom truth challenges old thought patterns and philosophical views.


On Saturday, after the ground has been broken-up from debilitating worldly and religious mindsets, individuals engage in discussion with our leaders. This is designed to partner with the attendee and assist them in obtaining Kingdom principles regarding deliverance as a lifestyle.  Additionally, Saturday’s all-day session includes a time of empowering whereby attendees obtain the tools necessary to receive deliverance. Our events usually conclude with a mass-deliverance session that emancipates people from strongholds, sickness, disease and generational curses. 


Finally, DeliverAmerica provides the tools and services necessary for the attendee to grow in grace and the knowledge of who they are as a new creation – In Christ. We do this by offering additional resources such as:


•    On-line Q&A Webinars with attendees (free of charge)

•    On-line School of Equipping

•    On-line Webinars 

•    Books, Manuals & Audio CD’s

•    Professional Personal Success Coaching 

•    Life Skills Training 


If you are interested in knowing more about the resources we have available at Summers Ministries, please navigate our website at or call 614-428-5550

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