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Jezebel - Mass Deliverance Webinar

Thursday February 9th 8:00 PM (Eastern)

The spirit of Jezebel is plaguing our churches, communities, government, families and relationships. Unfortuntely most do not know how to recognize her operation, or they've been so entangled in her destructive web, that they've normalize the dysfunction in their life. Jezebel is manifested through the Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It's control, manipulation, domination and intimidating tactics have so many feeling depressed, weary and hopeless. 



In response to the many requests we have received to help people get free from this insidious spirit, Apostle Robert Summers will be conducting a Mass-Deliverance Webinar event. This online event will include a time of teaching, Q&A and a MASS DELIVERANCE. 

This event is design to HELP YOU, HEAL YOU and EMANCIPATE YOU from the controlling narcissistic spirit. 


This webinar is limited to 50 people. We ask that if you register, please attend the webinar.    



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