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Many people today are incredibly dysfunctional in money matters and financial awareness. The overwhelming majority of people live paycheck to paycheck, have tremendous debt, and have very little wealth accumulated, if any at all. Many Christians feel ill-equipped and somehow have been brainwashed into thinking it's impossible to live an abundant life and become wealthy.

Unfortunately, the minds of many believers have been conditioned with lack and scarcity, insomuch that scarcity has become normal. Scarcity is not normal - it is abnormal. It is dysfunctional. To accept a scarcity mindset is to normalize dysfunction.

Financial dysfunction is when we are outside what is normal—specifically, normal financial behavior. For the citizens of the Kingdom of God, normal is to have all of your needs met, have an excess to be able to bless others, leave an inheritance to your family and live a successful and abundant life. It is abnormal to experience chronic lack, poverty, and financial despair. As Kingdom citizens, we must move from being religiously minded paupers to Kingdom ambassadors with diplomatic authority and a heavenly nation that supports us. We must learn to think like our King, which should reflect in our behavior, specifically our financial behavior.

The Kingdom of heaven is very wealthy. No kingdom is wealthier than the Kingdom of heaven because the Kingdom of heaven rules over-all. It is a royal Kingdom that has the very best of the best.

God’s original intent for his creation was and still is to have dominion over his environment. God has given us the responsibility to produce, multiply, distribute, subdue, and manage His vast resources wisely and effectively. This includes – money. God wants you to bring increase the seed He has placed in your hands.

In this book you will explore some of the common financial dysfunctions that exist which robs people from ever starting the journey toward obtaining wealth. As you read this book, you will be challenged to shift your mind from scarcity to abundance and position yourself for perhaps the greatest wealth transfer in modern history.

Overcoming Financial Dysfunction

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