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Robert is a motivator that instigates change in people’s lives by delivering an extreme, bold, powerful message that challenges the religious, traditional and racial mindset. Through his ministry many have discovered a liberty and freedom that enables them to operate at a higher capacity in every area of their life. As a kingdom educator he focuses on empowering people by equipping them with the tools necessary to take dominion on the earth. Robert is passionate about teaching and equipping citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven in the principles of the Kingdom so they may live a prosperous life now. Robert has a dynamic deliverance ministry and is extremely effective in liberating the spiritually and emotionally abused through teaching, training, power, and demonstration. He is the author of several books and a cutting edge Deliverance Training Manual, designed to equip believers, pastors, and ministries in the area of deliverance, healing and wholeness.

Apostle Robert Summers

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