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Need of Deliverance Ministry?

Deliverance is a core ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ and is a ministry of love and compassion. Every believer today has been commanded in scripture to cast out devils as well as work out their own soul salvation (deliverance). Unfortunately most churches don’t practice this fundamental ministry or provide the training necessary to properly address demonic strongholds in people’s lives. As such, most believers today cannot recognize demons, evil spirits or strongholds present in their life or the lives of others. If they do, they lack the training necessary to get the freedom they so desperately need. In many cases victims of demonic strongholds are brought to the Pastor and typically “counseling” replaces biblically based deliverance ministry.

Apostle Robert, Prophetess Dixie and their Deliverance Team are positioned to offer balanced deliverance to everyone. Many are coming to our ministry seeking deliverance from the occult, witchcraft, spiritualism and the new age movement. Others come in with emotional issues and wounds that have built up over decades.

Perhaps you are in need for deliverance from rejection, unforgiveness, bitterness, hurt, pain, shame, guilt, inferiority, and emotional, sexual, mental, physical or spiritual abuse. Maybe there is a soul-tie with a former relationship that continues to manifest in your life. Or perhaps the spirit of Jezebel is tormenting you through control, manipulation, intimidation and lust. Whatever the situation is, we’re here to help.

Additionally, we offer “mass deliverance” at all of our DeliverAmerica© events. Please check our calendar for locations near you.

Finally, for those that feel that they need to discuss their situation in more detail, or desire one-on-one coaching, we offer personal meetings with Apostle and Prophetess Summers. To request a meeting, please email Please be advised that there is a $50 fee for an initial 1 hour session. 

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