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Jezebel Targets Men

Men in general are targets of Jezebel. However, passive men that will not confront issues or embrace their responsibility to lead, fit nicely into Jezebel’s plot to overthrow all authorities and take control of churches and families. In deliverance ministry, this type of man is commonly referred to as an “Ahab.”

Ahab type men are extremely selfish and they are typically more concerned with spending time in their “man cave” than the things of God. They are consumed by the desire to be successful and must have their way all the time. They are “girly men” in the spirit and prime targets for Jezebel to seduce emotionally, sexually and spiritually.

Jezebel hates men and is determined to destroy them. She is unable have a true Godly relationship with men. She looks to emasculate them and undermined all authority they have, whether in the family, business or church.

Jezebel looks to remove fathers from the home. She will use seduction, perversion and pornography as tools to get a man to engage in an adulterous affair or inappropriate text messages, chat rooms and late night Internet porn sites. Jezebel’s seducing power over men is often in the form of flattery. Pastors, husbands and males in key positions of leadership are likely targets of this seduction.

The female host of Jezebel will flatter powerful men with attention and look to establish a stronghold that provides her with easy access for “on-demand” conversations.

In the home, Jezebel looks to “wear the pants” and wants to be the controlling boss. The spirit of Jezebel will incite a wife to publicly humiliate her husband with her sharp tongue to show who’s in charge. Jezebelic women are often seen as overbearing, bossy, in-control, extremely talkative (to the point of talking over their husband) and dominating.

Additionally, Jezebel will use children as instruments of control and manipulation to advance her agenda. Watch for women that do not permit male children to mature into independent men. Mother’s that continue to care for their grown sons well into their twenties, thirties and beyond, create friction in the home. This is a strategy deployed by Jezebel to frustrate the husband and weaken the role of men in the home. Jezebel has a powerful demonic ability to intimidate and irritate, ultimately causing many men to withdraw and give up.

Jezebel is a militant dictator in the home and seeks to destroy the functionality of the family to ensure that her husband and her children will not be able to function independent of her.

Her ultimate goal is to remove the man from the home via separation or divorce.

For more information on how who can confront this anicient evil spirit, please click the following link to purchase Apostle Summers book entitled “Harboring the Spirit of Jezebel”

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